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Get Your Crowns and Bridges at Creative Dentistry of Southwest Michigan in Portage

Crowns and bridges are an aesthetically pleasing option for many patients at Portage’s Creative Dentistry of Southwest Michigan. Unlike dentures, crowns and bridges are cemented onto your existing teeth and need to be removed by a dentist should they ever become loose or require an adjustment. Generally, bridges are used to cover up spaces from missing teeth or having teeth removed. They also help prevent other teeth in your mouth from shifting due to that loss, and they can also make sure that your bite stays intact and doesn’t slip.

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Caring for Your Crowns and Bridges

Taking care of your crowns and bridges post-visit is as simple as brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. Using a fluoride toothpaste is a good idea as well. Avoid chewing on hard foods or ice to ensure your dental crowns and bridges remain intact for less frequent visits to our Portage office. If unexpected tooth pain or an accident have you suffering, give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 269-323-3020 at your earliest convenience!